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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WhistleblowerUS Supreme Court 04-473

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Law Library

WhistleblowerUS Supreme Court 04-473

MINNESOTA MORTGAGE MASSACRE WhistleblowersBillTitle5_26 US04-473 Garcetti v.Ceballos Whistleblower 617.81 NUISANCE; ACTS CONSTITUTING; INJUNCTION; NOTICE. Subdivision 1. Injunction. In order to obtain a temporary injunction under section 617.82 or a permanent injunction or order of abatement under section 617.83, the provisions of sections 617.80 to 617.87 must be followed. Subd. 2. Acts constituting a nuisance. (a) For purposes of sections 617.80 to 617.87, a public nuisance exists upon proof of two or more separate behavioral incidents of one or more of the following, committed within the previous 12 months within the building: (1) prostitution or prostitution-related activity committed within the building; (2) gambling or gambling-related activity committed within the building; (3) maintaining a public nuisance in violation of section 609.74, clause (1) or (3); (4) permitting a public nuisance in violation of section 609.745; (5) unlawful sale, possession, storage, delivery, giving, manufacture, cultivation, or use of controlled substances committed within the building; (6) unlicensed sales of alcoholic beverages committed within the building in violation of section 340A.401; (7) unlawful sales or gifts of alcoholic beverages by an unlicensed person committed within the building in violation of section 340A.503, subdivision 2, clause (1); (8) unlawful use or possession of a firearm in violation of section 609.66, subdivision 1a, 609.67, or 624.713, committed within the building; or (9) violation by a commercial enterprise of local or state business licensing regulations, ordinances, or statutes prohibiting the maintenance of a public nuisance as defined in section 609.74 or the control of a public nuisance as defined in section 609.745. We allege under penality of perjury that all City County and State Lawyers employed Public Trust, violate that trust by signing off on any/all resolutions, unconstitutionally vague ie:MS 171.02 DL validity stealing/suspending Drivers Licenses, stealing Realestate via MS 8.31 AG Duties via Repealed laws, acting in concort to defraud the US of America is Repugnant, complicity mandates Disbarment/Resignation, current action Dept Safety Inspections re: LIEP City Attorney Jerry Hendrickson City of St. Paul

Stephen Barr - Speaking Up for the Whistle-Blowers - washingto

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Stephen Barr
Wednesday, February 14, 2007; Page
Thanks to You, Congressional Leaders Have Gotten the Message!

Thanks to all of our supporters who have taken action by contacting your elected officials demanding increased whistleblower protections, a whistleblower bill for federal employees has been introduced in the House of Representatives! This bill, The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2007, is a good first step.


As you may remember from those previous Alerts, in May 2006 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public employees could not claim First Amendment protection when they voice concerns to their supervisors. That decision, in Garcetti v. Ceballos, was absolutely detrimental to the over 21 million public employees who rely on the First Amendment as their sole means of whistleblower protection. Click to read the decision

In the nine months since that decision, The National Whistleblower Center staff has worked in coalition with other groups and House leaders in the Committee on Government Reform, including Representative Henry Waxman, to find a way to remedy the Court’s misguided opinion. Board Chair Stephen Kohn testified at the committee hearings entitled "What Price Free Speech?" During which the ramifications of the Ceballos decision was discussed. Click to read the testimony

This week…

All of the hard work has begun to pay off! On Monday, Representative Waxman, along with other leaders from the committee introduced whistleblower legislation designed to protect federal employees. This legislation accomplishes three goals:

• It will create procedures for Federal employee whistleblowers to have their cases heard in Federal Court, in jury trials.

• It will close the loopholes which have prevented National Security Whistleblowers from obtaining protections.

• It will legislatively overturn the Supreme Court’s Garcetti v. Ceballos decision, which prevented Government whistleblowers from obtaining First Amendment protection when they reported concerns “internally” through their chain of command.

Please Continue to Help!

The staff here at the Center vows to continue to work in coalition with other groups and with House leaders to ensure that this bill passes in a form that will truly protect all federal employees, but we need your support. Please check your e-mail inbox and our website in the coming days for a chance to sign the NWC's online petition. By signing the petition, you are letting your elected officials know that you support laws that give all whistleblowers the Freedom to Tell the Truth.

Thank you,

NWC Staff

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